Challenge “Summer in my house” CLOSED

I associate summer with gardens, the beach, 
the sun and being outside amongst other things.  
So I thought I’d make this challenge a bit different and call it
“Summer in my house”

To take part..  

You have to be a member of my blog,

and put a link to this challenge in your post. 
The photo has to be taken by you inside your home.   

Your post does NOT have to be in English,
but only interior design photos are allowed.
Only one photo in your post please.
Good luck! I’ll let you know the prices soon.
There will be 3 winners like last time.

One price is sponsored by 

They’ve asked us to LIKE them on Facebook.
So to enter you also have to do that.
If you don’t have a Facebook account you can of cours

still enter in the challenge.

DEADLINE THE 8th JULY 8 pm / 20.00

Simply put your post out as normal and add your link here.
When you link you have to put in the POST not just your blog, so for example
Here are some examples
by Krickelin
via vtwonen

I hope loads of you will take part!