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Challenge From Above

My first challenge to you has the title
 “From above”
 Want to take part?! It’s easy. 
All you have to do is be/become a member of my blog and
 put a link to this challenge in your post. 
The photo has to be taken by you at your home.   
Only one photo in your post please.
Your post does NOT have to be in English,
but interior design.

A couple of examples of “from above”.
via 5 ft inf

via Miluccia

Show us how you use the title “From above” creatively!
Good luck! I’ll let you know the prices soon.
There will be 3 prices.

DEADLINE THE 8th JUNE 8 pm / 20.00

Simply put your post out as normal and add your link here.
When you link you have to put in the POST so for example
I hope lots of you will take part!
Have a lovely weekend!