Breakfast with Mille Moi

I’m really enjoying my time here in Norway. I had a bit of an unplanned blog break because we’ve been catching up with my family. 
A while back I was sent these lovely blue and cream cups, bowls and plates by Mille Moi called “Hverdagslykke”. The star bowls are my favourites and I really like the way the blue colour jumps out at you. 

There’s a styling competition between some Norwegian bloggers. I do of course like a challenge, so I’ve styled breakfast at my parents home. I have to say it was fun styling with somebody elses stuff. I found so many nice things to include in my photos. The stool in the hall belonged to my Grandad and it’s from the 1940s. I even found a copper coffee pot hidden away in the basement. Not to mention this magical light. 

Breakfast is served! 

all photos by me
Coffee anybody?!