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Black, white and gold home

This is the home of Catherine Dupon, the creator of Pollypapier. I love finding homes of people I admire. 
Not only is this French black, white and gold home beautiful, it’s also different, innovative, personal, trendy and rather posh! 
Now I really miss my large vintage frame I had in France (and sold before moving..). This is a great idea for hanging up either photos or pages from magazines. Not everything is lost if you have a frame with no glass or backing. 

A black ceiling is quite dramatic, but can work really well, like here,  when the ceiling is high enough. LOVE IT!

I absolutely love the string lights hung up over the dining table on what I presume is a curtain rail?! Great idea! 
Cacti plants in clear glass vases – yes please!

This bathroom is very posh, isn’t it? Makes me want to paint mine black. Love the fact that both the ceiling and the walls are black here. The gold mirror looks just fantastic, as do the round shelves and sinks.  

all photos by Jean-Marc Palisse
What do you think? Gorgeous isn’t it?!

Thank you so much to photographer Jean-Marc Palisse for letting me publish these photos on my blog. 

Have a nice day!