Birthday boy

Isn’t it funny how important it is to get bigger when you’re a child. Today we’re celebrating Magnus’s 7th Birthday. He’s been talking about today for the last six months and he’s so excited that it’s finally the 4th of May. Seven years ago we had no idea if it was a girl or a boy. We hadn’t even decided on a name. I’m so glad we decided to call him Magnus.
I’m pleased for him that he can learn to take photos from a young age. He’s inherited our camera (with a new cambera bag of course, not that he even knew it was our old one. To him it’s brand new.) and he’s already taken lots photos of us and his new toys. 
Today my plywood shelf is being used for displaying Birthday cards. It’s not bad having Norwegian, English and French Birthday cards is it?
Happy Birthday, Magnus!
Have a lovely (bank holiday) weekend!