Bedroom changes

I’ve been busy painting one wall in our bedroom light grey (“Morning Song” from Valspar). The colour is really calming and I think it looks great. It also goes really nicely with black and white. 

I know people are adding colours just now, but I’m more comfortable with this, so I’m sticking to what I like. 

My large handmade screen print is from Måridee Studio on Etsy. I love Etsy! I like that you can find things not everybody has got. Soon I’ll show you my new things from Pasinga for my office.
The marble lamp is from B&Q and came with a shade. I prefer it without as I thought it looked too sweet with the shade. I bougth the vintage number 28 in Sweden at Herbret Antik

I was really lucky to win this lambswool blanket from Loaf – called the Brilliant Blanket. Black books by Design Letters. I found the vintage mirror at a market in France. 
The black and white feather cushion is from Kremmerhuset in Norway and the large knit cushion from B&Q

Would love to hear what you think.. Have a fab day!