Atelier CPH – new poster collection

Have you seen the latest poster collection by the talented duo from Atelier CPH? If not, here it is, well at least a part of the collection, you can see the full collection and order the posters from the Atelier CPH Instagram account.

The new collection was inspired by circles in various dimensions. There are two series ‘Circles’ and ‘Outlined’ existing of 12 posters and all come in two different sizes: 500 x 700 mm and 297 X 420 mm (A3). I think the posters are striking and real eye catchers.

“We continued working with hand painted textile and combined the round shapes with cut out lines to create a minimalistic composition. The art work is shot with a Hasselblad camera by the Danish photographer Jonas Danholt, to create an effect of showing structure, paint and tactility in a new digital way. For the special edition ‘Outlined’ we translated the circle universe into a more graphic approach.” – Atelier CPH.

I’ve known and admired Atelier CPH for quite some time. If you haven’t seen it, check out their recent work for Kinfolk and Stelton. It is of course stunning.

In addition to loving the new poster collection, I love the styling too. I have major floor envy, and furniture envy too for that matter. It’s all perfect, down to the colour of the cover of the notebook in the photo below. Nothing was left to chance here. This is what you call perfection. It was all meant to be and I’m sure it was all well planned by experienced Atelier CPH.

Atelier cph black and white posters 11&13&10 ENVIRONMENTAtelier cph new poster collection ENVIRONMENT18&13 ENVIRONMENT atelier cph new poster collection12-ENVIRONMENT by atelier cph14-ENVIRONMENT poster by Atelier cph19-ENVIRONMENT by atelier cph

all photos were taken by Moren Bentzon