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Affordable sheepskin rug

You know sometimes when you have lots of plans for the week, but end up getting nothing done because you have a stupid cold… Yes, well that’s what happened to me this week. I’ve had a sinus infection for two weeks, but it got worse and I’ve been in bed since Tuesday! It feels like ages. I thought I would be able to heal myself, but no. It’s, (thankfully), been a while since I’ve felt this bad. I’m taking the weekend to get better. I’m hoping to get back to work next week and also hoping that the penicillin will work qickly. If you were wondering why I wasn’t posting or replying to messages this is why everything has been put on hold, so it’s just a really quick hello from me today. 

Here’s my new and very affordable 100% natural sheepskin rug from B&Q. The wool sheepskin is lovely and soft, so guess where I’ll be sitting when I finally get out of my bed. I’m sure it’ll keep me nice and warm. The cable photo is from Pasinga and the Harry Bertoia diamond wire chair needs no introduction, as it’s as cool as ever and I see it everywhere. I love the shape of it. 

Happy Weekend! 
We’re having a quiet one.