8 ways to drink your tea in peace: Develop a play space in the living room

Hello lovely readers, I am Mia, a bad girl turned mother, former unhappy corporate worker, design addict and collector of life sweets. I am the editor (always wanted to write this) of a young blog called Design Pill. I am so happy to write a post here while Hege is on her little escapade. Thank you Hege!

No play room? Me neither

My little girl recently turned two, which is too small to go play alone in her room and too big to be content on her playing mat. She’s a very, let’ say “enthusiastic” little girl, and she doesn’t changes her mind easily (go figure). There is absolutely no way to have a conversation between adults when her brothers, 9 and 11years old, are not around entertaining her. Having two big brothers sure seem nice, they are spoiling her like crazy. I am considering setting up a new play space, hoping she would let me chat a little with my friends spend a more fulfilling time playing in the living room. So I am actively researching (read “browsing Pinterest”) the matter and I thought I would share my findings with you.

I adore this little itinerant kid box and I believe it would work quite well in my living room. The problem is Mr C, my annoying love has forbidden me(what audacity) to start a new space consuming DIY until I finish the few others I have in the stove.


I like their versatility, the fabrics. It’s nice that you can use them form calm moments and to play more animated games. Being able to put it away when you’re done is an advantage too. Making one is definitely on my list… of DIY. Ok, it’ll wait.



Cabins. Love them. Like everybody else. Especially when they are up a ladder. Too bad I would have to finish the one I promised for the garden first (I am afraid there will be no wood left afterword).


3.Reading nooks

Reading nooks are nice, well, to read. Not always enough. The good thing is they are easy to set-up, affordable, often cute and welcoming. The bad thing is the kids only use them once in a while. My kids, in any case. Reading is an activity they prefer to store for later. When I want them to sleep.


This one is a great DIY. I love that we see more and more front-facing book storage displaying children books in a manner where they can choose what they are going to browse, even if they can’t read yet.



4.Play pretend

Now, that’s definitely fun. And nice to build. I definitely want a little wood shop. And a little kitchen. Let’s hope she does too.


5.Music corner

Naaaa. But it’s pretty, right?
Music corner


We have a gigantic school board next to the dining table and a chalkboard wall in the office. But is it enough? Would you be annoyed by chalk powder everywhere? I’am. But she loves the school board and stand up on her high chair to try drawing on it. Another chalkboard surface it is then. Listed.


7.Let’s get Physical

This is a no brainer when you have enough space. Seems so fun I would want to climb there.




Hmmm. A desk. To have fun. We’ll see.


This one is awesome though.

My favorite

I kept the one I prefer for the end. Almost useless, space consuming and you have to fix it to the ceiling (everybody likes holding a drill in that position). I love it anyway. But hey, it’s supposed to be for her, not for me. I will forget it then.

For now.

A source anybody?
Is anybody else having the same issues? I would love to hear your thoughts. What would (or did) you do in your living room? What about the mess? I want everything of course.

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