3 simple ways to wrap a Christmas present

Simple Nordic Christmas gift wrapping with foliage


There are many ways of wrapping presents. Here I’m going to show you 3 simple ways to wrap a Christmas present. I’ve used brown paper to wrap my presents for the last I don’t know how many years and I still really like it. To me, this is the old fashioned and traditional way, but I guess with a twist as I normally add foliage or a personalized tag.

If you have a friend who really likes say the colour blue, then why not add some blue string or a ribbon, for that all important personal touch.

If you don’t have any foliage you can cut a bit off your Christmas tree. Nobody will notice a couple of missing branches. Foliage should be easily available from a good florist or take a trip to the woods to pick some yourself. You don’t need a lot.

This gift was wrapped in that very traditional brown kraft paper. I wrapped the string around the present in an irregular pattern, make sure it’s quite tight and attach the string to the bottom of the present with some tape. It’s as simple as it gets, but with a branch of eucalyptus it looks modern and it also smells fantastic! Add a tag of choice. The colours are beautiful aren’t they?


I wrapped this present in white paper and slipped a branch of my Norfolk Island pine tree under the string. Simple, but pretty.


The last present was wrapped in black paper and I used a chunkier string. You don’t need to use a lot of this type of string. You could of course add greenery and a tag to this present too, but I’ve chosen to keep it very simple.


I’m happy to say that most of our presents are now all ready for Christmas. I add the foliage as late as possible as it is of course better to keep it in water. If you’ve not finished wrapping yet, I hope you’ll use some of my ideas! You can get wrapping paper, string and tags from Etsy.

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Christmas_presents_wrapped_with_foliage_and string_eucalyptus