100% Norway

I missed Tent London and all the exciting things happening in London this week, but I’m of course receiving all the press releases. Being Norwegian, the 100% Norway exhibition caught my eye. What is 100% Norway – 33 of the country’s most innovative designers, five of its material-specialist manufacturers and a few of the industry-leading production companies. This year, mid-century design champions Norwegian Icons have taken up co-curation duties, and the result is a truly inspiring spectrum of products and prototypes in materials both old and bleeding-edge new.

Here are some of the amazing photos from the show. Moody and light wood mix… You basically can’t go wrong. I think it’s all great!

100% norwegian photo credit Siren Lauvdal 100 % Norwegian  photo credit Siren Lauvdal_54 100% Norwegian photo credit Siren Lauvdal_56

100NORWAY2015_KNEIP_Weathered_01 100NORWAY2015_KNEIP_Pat vol 1_07100NORWAY2015_Hallgeir Homstvedt_Elementa Grow Lamp_photo credit Siren Lauvdal_36100NORWAY2015_Andreas Bergsaker_Birch & Brass O'clock_Pendini_photo credit Siren Lauvdal_14

photos by  Siren Lauvdal